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Are You a Leader in Your Industry?

Attention: Resort Spas, Major Corporations, Fitness Centers, Tanning Salons, Airline Corporations, Hotels, Diet Centers, Business Schools, Wellness Centers, Professional Offices You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This is the decade of self improvement and image awareness. The revolution is here! Everyone is concerned today about the overall quality of their lives. They want to look and feel better.

The proper image of oneself can be a powerful motivating force. Leadership demands image, success hungers for image, and just about any accomplishment is preceded by a worthy image.

Discover the MJ Signature Image Center

MJ Signature Collection - Image Center

Professionals in today's business world face challenges that demand new knowledge and skills, and require a positive personal appearance. The first impression counts!

The MJ Signature Image Center is a powerful new attraction that draws customers to your new business or your existing business. The MJ Signature Image Center is the product of people who have worked extensively over the years on its research and development to give you the ultimate "Success System".

As the owner of an Image Center, you will enjoy the advantages of being an independent person and at the same time reap the benefits of association with a national corporation.
Now you have the Image Center you've been waiting for. This will help your clients and employees Discover their Winning Image!
The MJ Signature Image Center is a unique, innovative national corporation dedicated to discovering the potential of individuals through professional self-improvement programs and customized holistic product lines. The MJ Signature Image Center was founded on high
ideals, and is based on sound business principles. Our philosophy has been paramount in all phases of MJ Enterprises, from products to compensation. Experts in self-improvement, finance, and marketing have been assembled into one team that offers success to those willing to make the commitment.

The MJ Signature Image Centers are designed to offer unique, professional self-improvement programs for your employees and customers. Through a total appearance and personal development consultation the following services will be offered:

  • Professional shopping services
  • Color analysis
  • Physical fitness programs and consulting on nutrition
  • Business etiquette
  • Make-up that compliments your facial structure and your natural coloring
  • Your personality profile to help you maintain a sense of personal worth and self esteem
  • Figure analysis
  • Skin care analysis
  • Dress for success tips & wardrobe planning
  • The style that works best for you
  • How to choose proper accessories
  • How to coordinate styles
  • How to mix textures
  • The effective use of colors
  • How to plan your basic wardrobe
  • How to make shopping easier
  • How to know what to buy for the right occasion
  • Proportion, fit and quality
  • The clothes that do and do not work for you
  • The hair styles that work for you
  • Discover You Network special programs and update services of latest concepts in self improvement
  • Individual consultation
  • Workshops for small groups or conventions

Melody Jensen - Founder

Be the Leader in Your Industry and Introduce this Innovative New Concept!

Melody Jensen is the founder of MJ Enterprises and Pocket Nutrition.

She has had over 35 years experience in the fitness, nutrition and image consulting industry. She has been a pioneer in developing, creating & manufacturing customized, holistically formulated product lines for the spa industry as well as the retail and direct sales industry. She developed the first turn-key total appearance and personal development image center 22 years ago in the first and largest spa chain ever created. She had her own columns in “Shape Magazine” and created the “Success Story Make-over Column”. She is a much sought after lecturer, trainer and appreciated expert on the subject of image building for major corporations, magazines, television, radio, colleges, universities and national as well as international beauty pageants.

Melody is an image consultant with the motion picture industry, actors, celebrities and entertainers alike. She has coached thousands of people in her international seminars and consultations. Melody is a producer of events and productions and she is involved in promoting her humanitarian crusade with ChampionsForChildren.org, which is dedicated to nourishing the world and fighting against eating disorders. A donated portion of every MJ Signature Product goes to Champions For Children, who then takes her unique, cutting edge products to nourish the world and make a difference. Melody has three lovable children and two adorable Maltese puppies.

Some of her clients include: Pfizer, Sony, Nabisco, Merke Sharpe and Dohme, Warner Lambert, Parke Davis, Tiffany & Company, Hoffman LaRoche, Goldman & Sachs, Sandos, AT&T and Hewlett Packard.

Are you looking for your next big event, seminar or sales training meeting? Contact MJ Enterprises at (909) 229-5595 or e-mail at mjtlccollection@gmail.com to schedule an exciting Keynote Speech, Event or Production. All events are educational, inspirational and motivational! Each event is custom designed to help you reach your full potential with your corporate success system!

Here is a list of Melody Jensen’s specialized topics:

  • “A Day You Won't Forget”
  • Discover You And Your Winning Image
  • Change Your Thought And Plan Your New Life
  • What Do Men And Women Really Want?
  • Teens Prepare For Success
  • Language Of Dress And Color
  • How To Look And Feel Ten Years Younger
  • Image Profiling To Improve Your Success In Relationships And In Team Building.
  • Personal Development & Sales Training
  • Corporate Business Etiquette

MJ Signature Image Centers Now Available...
The Concept of the Future

First class materials (videos, slide presenta-tions, update newsletters) and certification training Computer services Training Assistance Plan (TAP) to provide personal on-site support anywhere you have business
A highly competent staff supported by a team of business and marketing professionals, all ready to serve you.

A plan for adding products and services designed to increase your income as you build your image business. Emphasis on delivery of valuable products and services to consumers.

Continued growth and strength in the market place makes The MJ Signature Image Center not only a profit making enterprise, but a wise investment for the future.

The MJ Signature Image Center was created and developed by MJ Enterprises.

An MJ HLC Collection Image Center will consist of:

  • A complete self contained ultra modern mirror unit
  • Computer unit module
  • Television & DVD Player
  • All expense paid 3 day certification training course
  • A representative of The MJ Signature Image
  • Centers will assist you in the Grand Opening of your Image Center

Resumes are now being considered to introduce this exciting new
"Success System"

For more information about
The MJ HLC Collection Products and Events contact:
MJ Enterprises (909) 229-5595
 • mjtlccollection@gmail.com

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