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Essential Oils

MJ HLC™ Skin Care

Essential Oils

Preventative Holistically Formulated Skin Care Line

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MJ HLC - "All Type Skin Cleanser"
Use in a daily skin regimen for a thorough cleansing without stripping or drying the skin, Formulated to closely resemble the natural chemistry of the skin, the natural   moisture   balance  is protected   and  enhanced. Simply apply with a cotton pad! Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Freshening Facial Tonic"
Similar to Non-Alcoholic Astringent yet less potent for those with less oil to control, In addition to Sodium PCA and Chamomile to soothe and calm the skin  after cleansing, this  system revitalizes  and hydrates.
Apply after cleansing in a gentle sweeping motion.
Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Skin Care Kit"
Includes 5 products! Honey and Almond Scrub, Vitamin C Serum, Hyaluronic Lotion, Hyaluronic Repare and Holistic Rejuvenating Cream. MJ Signature Skin Care Kit is proud to introduce a revolutionary and unique product line that has been researched and developed for the past 24 years. It has proven to be effective, not only for myself, but for countless clients of mine in the biggest Spa Chain in the country. Clients included many National and International Beauty Contestants, magazine columnists, as well as Corporate America personalities. MJ Signature Skin Care Kit was the first holistic Cosmetic Treatment Concept ever created out of New York by a leading Cosmetic Chemist, who worked with me on this Preventative Measure to skin care and a New Approach to a Complete Lifetime of Wellness. If you want to look ten years younger, you can! It all starts with believing you can! The mind is a powerful reality of whether we reach our many dreams and goals in life. With the use of the revolutionary MJ Signature Ageless Oral Skin Spray, your results will be astounding if you use them along with the MJ Signature Skin Care Treatment line. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Hyaluronic Moisture Lotion"
A luxurious, moisture enriched formula that employs hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, and glycogen to form an occlusive moisture barrier. This combination of state-of-the-art components helps defend against environmental stress and dehydration. Apply in upward sweeping motion. (Available separatly or as part of  The MJ HLC "Skin Care Kit") Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Hyaluronic Repare Concentrate"
An extremely concentrated solution if hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA and glycogen ideal for reparative use. These precious ingredients are considered the state-of-the-art skin conditioners for preventing lines and aiding in the healing and repair of damaged skin. When used as a night repair system for around the eyes and other problem areas, this product will stimulate the growth of new cells, thus imparting a more youthful and energized tone to the skin. Apply sparingly with dropper to damaged area spreading gently with fingertips. (Available separatly or as part of The MJ HLC "Skin Care Kit") Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Vitamin C Serum"
MJ HLC™ Skin Care Kit is proud to introduce Vitamin C Serum! Vitamin C Serum promotes the formation of collagen, skin firmness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps minimize the adverse effects of the aging skin. The skin is constantly bombarded by ultraviolet visible radiation, industrial and automobile pollutants. Under these environmental conditions, all skin is at risk. It has been shown that diets enriched with antioxidants inhibited the formation of UV induced tumors. The natural extension of this strategy is topical application of the antioxidants to achieve higher local concentration of these protective compounds. Thus experiments have shown beneficial effects of topically applied vitamin E and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a particularly attractive candidate for use as a topical photo-protectant. It is a well accepted, non toxic, potent antioxidant. In addition, it is capable of inhibiting free radical damage. Vitamin is also important in maintaining structurally sound connective tissue. It could be advantageous in both preventative and reparative therapy for photo-damaged skin. Studies have found beneficial effects of topical Vitamin C against moderate levels of both UVB and UVA damage to skin. Researchers now appreciate the importance of Vitamin C in modulating inflammatory processes. Thus Vitamin C may help restore the antioxidant balance to relieve the oxidative stress placed on the skin by ultraviolet radiation, pollutants, disease and more. (Available separatly or as part of The MJ HLC "Skin Care Kit") Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Holistic Rejuvenating Crème"
Wrinkle Smoothing! Both Immediate and Long Term. Used together, the Holistic Wrinkle Relaxing Complex Cream and the Holistic Rejuvenating Crème is a Smoothing Product System that is a safe alternative to lasers, peels and injections. MJ HLC™ Holistic Rejuvenating Crème is a true breakthrough in anti-aging skin care! Its secret patented, clinically proven, wrinkle-reversing ingredient is a moisturizing formula that leaves a velvet finish on skin. This Rejuvenating Crème helps reverse the effects of time (included in the Anti-aging skin care kit). It contains the patented, revolutionary, anti-aging complex featured at the World Congress of Dermatology. This breakthrough wrinkle-reversing formula helps regenerate photo-aged skin and is clinically proven to be more effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles than Retinol, without the irritation. With continued use, the MJ Holistic Rejuvenating Crème helps your complexion become smoother, more radiant, and younger looking. If you purchase the entire MJ Signature Kit, you will receive a skin care bag ABSOLUTELY FREE. (Available separatly or as part of The MJ HLC "Skin Care Kit") Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Honey and Almond Scrub"
A very mild scrub containing pulverized almonds, which aid in nature's process of sloughing off accumulated cellular debris, causing the skin to look, dull and tired. Almond oil is released while gently scrubbing the pores and invigorating the skin. Apply with fingertips, rinse thoroughly. A luxurious, moisture enriched formula that employs hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, and glycogen to form an occlusive moisture barrier. This combination of state-of-the-art components helps defend against environmental stress and dehydration. Apply in upward sweeping motion. (Available separatly or as part of The MJ HLC "Skin Care Kit") Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Face Firming Complex with DMAE"
Try it once and you will want to use it everyday! There has simply never been a face firming formula offering the dramatic and long lasting results that Face Firming Complex does. The simple reason is that there has never been a formula offering the toning and revitalizing benefits of these four key ingredients in a single bottle!!!! DMAE - to nourish the skins outer cell membranes ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID - to hasten the natural repair process VITAMIN C ESTER - To encourage the naturally firming effects of collagen synthesis COENZYME Q-10 - To protect against skin damaging free radicals while stimulating new cell growth from inside out. Face Firming Complex contains the exclusive Moisture Trap system to help your skin retain moisture for up to 24 hours - about twice as long as many other preparations can. Ideal for all skin types, Face Firming Complex will lift and tighten the skin of your face and neck, while helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with breathtaking facility. For restoring the appearance of youthful radiance and vitality, it's the next best thing to a time machine. Perfect for all skin types: contains no petrolatum, fillers, colorant or fragrance. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Facial Firming Mask"
A masque for all skin types, formulated to firm, tighten and contour the skin while nourishing the skin and giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Regular use helps prevent the look of premature aging. Apply with fingertips, allow to set 15 minutes, remove with face cloth and tepid water. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Liposome Crème"
Formulated to protect the skin against daily environmental aggressors that can dry and damage the skin. Protects against pollution, dirt, and sun damage. Liposomes act as a carrier of skin soothers and protectors to the skin's lower layers where these ingredients are released for maximum benefit.  Liposome environmental creme is designed for normal to dry skin. Apply lightly with fingertips. Blend over entire face. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Vitamin E Moisture Stick"
To soothe, nourish and protect bare lips or to use over lipstick as a clear lip gloss. Contains Vitamin E. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Gold Fish Capsules"
Liquid nutrients in capsule form designed for the high maintenance customer. A dynamic veil for the skin with botanical extract including cucumber matricana lavender and ginseng, along with oils of carrot and appricot, vitamin A and E. Vitamin A and E promote a sheild against environmental agression. It's silky finish immediately improves the appearance of the skin. Great to apply after moisturizer and before foundation. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Bio-Peptide Botanical Concentrate"
Nourish the skin with rich botanicals. This product is designed with your wrinkles in mind. A triple concentrate of non-irritating ingredients and high-tech peptides that work together to produce both an immediate an cumulative effect on the skin. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Holistic Rejuvenating Eye Crème"
A scientific breakthrough in eye care containing a patented, anti-aging complex clinically proven to be more effective at reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles than Retinol and without causing irritation. This silky formula also contains powerful anti-oxidant Vitamins C and E and natural moisturizers such as Sunflower Seed and Jojoba Oils to help smooth, firm, and protect the delicate skin around the eyes for a younger-looking, refreshed appearance. Holistic Rejuvenating Eye Cream is synergistically formulated to work with all of the products in the Holistic Skin Care Line.  Apply to under-eye area by patting gently with pads of fingertips. Use morning and night. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Holistic Wrinkle Relaxing Complex"
THE BOTOX ALTERNATIVE!  Exclusive, patent pending CCG Complex begins working IMMEDIATELY!  Smoothes lines and wrinkles, firms and creates younger-looking skin within minutes! Clinically proven to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles without injections! Like a secret face "lift"! The invisible, relaxing effect lasts for hours. Safe and pleasant to use.  Apply on clean, dry skin. Place a small amount on the pad of your finger or directly on skin. Using a rapid "patting" motion, apply cream to areas such as crow's feet, under eyes, or forehead, etc., until product is absorbed. Don't rub.  You will feel a tingling and cooling sensation as it takes effect. Deeper lines may require 2-3 applications. Apply makeup as usual. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep cap closed tightly. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Holistic Renewal Complex"
Red or irritated skin, broken capillaries and spider veins appear when the skin's collagen network begins to break down. This can be the result of aging, stress or exposure to harmful environmental assaults that affect the health and strength of skin's extra cellular matrix. Weakened, less firm skin can lead to a loss of capillary and vein health. The breakthrough CCG Complex in a non-greasy cream formula has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of redness, skin irritations, and spider and varicose vein by firming and strengthening skin's natural resistance. The appearance of dilated superficial blood vessels plus irritation and redness was reduced by as much as 60% in eight weeks! Apply small amount to area to be treated and massage gently until absorbed. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC -"Holistic Rejuvenating Complex"
A concentrated serum that contains the patented, anti-aging complex clinically proven to be more effective than Retinol - and without irritation, This silky formula absorbs instantly to boost skin's anti-aging ability to repair itself. The serum complex contains the same unique and potent Peptide technology that is in Holistic Rejuvenating Cream to enhance and amplify the smoothing and rejuvenating effects. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 40%, diminishes age spots, and increases Collagen and Elastin production for firm, smooth, more radiant and younger-looking skin. Smooth over to face and neck after cleansing and before applying moisturizer or night cream. Enjoy Now!

Skin Care | Bath Collection | Essential Oils | Color Cosmetics

Essential Oils

MJ HLC™ Bath Collection

Essential Oils

MJ HLC - "Spa Collection" (All 3 Bath Care Products) Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Sugar Smoothie Body Crème"
Treat your skin to the deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla, grapefruit and orange. This superb body crème blended with sugar cane extract, mango and shea nut butter leaves your skin silky smooth and twinkling with a subtle glow. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Sugar Sweet Shower Wash"
Seduce the senses with this senses with this sinfully sweet, creamy wash infused with the tantalizing scent of grapefruit oil, orange oil and vanilla. Blended with sugar cane extract, mango and shea nut butter, this body wash will leave skin incredibly soft and clean. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Sugarbutter Body Scrub"
A unique body scrub to gently exfoliate dry, flaky skin leaving it refreshed, revitalized and oh-so-yummy smooth. Infused with natural sugar cane, Shea and Mango Butter this rich, creamy blend, removes dead skin cells and moisturizes giving a clean fresh polished look to the body. Essential oils of orange, grapefruit and vanilla creates a sweet treat for your skin that smells good enough to eat! Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Shio Doro Detoxifying Treatment"
Shio Doro salt mud is a fusion of unique body firming ingredients from across the globe. Natural sea salt with it's high mineral content direct from Okinawa combined with organic colloidal fresh water salt from the Baltic Lakes to improve skin smoothness, texture and tone. The intricate mix of trace mineral elements along with arctic pete, wasabi and Japanese mushroom extracts, assist in removing debris and impurities while Arctic Cloudberry seed oil with it's essential fatty acids deeply hydrates the skin. Compliments your weight loss program - gently massage the cellulite and extra pounds away. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Cellufirm Contouring Serum"
A refreshing non-oily body contouring gel that helps to lessen the appearance of cellulite through a synergistic combination of co-enzyme A and a unique chinese medicinal herb. Clover flower extract, coco extract, and green tea leaf extract provide revitalizing benefits to cellulite prone skin. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Avocado Body Lotion"
Luxurious avocado oil and sweet almond oil lotion to awaken all of your senses. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Sunless Tan"
Ease your way to a natural tan! This special formulation for the face and body gradually provides a deep, dark, natural-looking tan without sun exposure. Enjoy Now!

Skin Care | Bath Collection | Essential Oils | Color Cosmetics

Sprays And Oils

MJ HLC™ Essential Oils

Sprays And Oils

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MJ HLC - "Aroma Therapy Emotions”
Calms stress and anxiety when applied with the convenient roll-on applicator. Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Xanthan Gum, Essential Oils, Organic Bergamot, Organic Ylang Ylang and Myrrh. Propolis, Grapefruit seed and Olive leaf extracts. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Aroma Therapy Crave-Ease”
Apply generously when cravings become strongest. Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Xanthan Gum. Essential oils: Pink Grapefruit, Bitter Orange, Lime, Spearmint, Black Pepper, Helichrysum, Clove Bud, Propolis, Grapefruit seed and Olive leaf extracts. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Aroma Therapy Love Jasmine Perfume"
Ingredients: Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Jasmine Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E. Attract more "love" into your life! Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Rosewater Body Spray"
Invigorates, Soothes, Hydrates and Moisturizes. Remineralizing and Regenerative. Clear liquid to be sprayed on the skin, containing emollients, proteins, minerals and humectants for maintaining texture of healthy skin. Witch Hazel, Pollen, Soluble collagens, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Dead Sea Salt, Rose Oil, Sodium PCA.  May be used as a face and body spray. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Aroma Therapy Rose Oil Perfume"
Oxygenate, Rejuvenate and Beautify!  The Rose, Queen of flowers, is the most precious essential oil. It refreshes the body, spirit and soul; it brings joy to the heart. It also acts a gentle aphrodisiac and in nature it’s considered an herb of love. Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Rose Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E. Enjoy Now!

Skin Care | Bath Collection | Essential Oils | Color Cosmetics

Top Cosmetics

MJ HLC™ Color Cosmetics

Color Coordinated Cosmetics Kit In The Season

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Gallery of Cosmetic Colors and Accessories

MJ HLC - "Color Coordinated Cosmetic Kits" (in the season)
Click HERE To Select The Right MJ Color Coordinated Kit For You. Save time, money, energy and look ten years younger! Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Holistic Liquid Creme Foundation"
Our holistically formulated liquid foundation is for sensitive skin. It's water based, non-greasy and it won't clog pores. You'll find just the right shade with this liquid creme which has the lightness of a liquid and the effectiveness of a cream. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Rejuvenating Foundation Stick"
This featherweight foundation is really skincare in disguise because it contains the patented, anti-aging ingredient clinically proven to be more effective at reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles than Retinol and without causing irritation, This rich formula also contains powerful anti-oxidant Vitamins E and C plus unique moisturizers including Aloe, Ceramides, and Jojoba Oil.  Its light-diffusing formula transforms the appearance of fine lines, pores and imperfections for a flawless, radiant, natural appearance.  Dot or stroke on skin, blending with sponge or fingertips for perfect, adjustable coverage. Can also be used as concealer. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Eyelightener Fixative"
Apply to eyelid and brow area before applying eyeshadow. Protects the delicate eye area and keeps eyeshadow looking perfect all day. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Mascara" (Black and Brown)
Our smudge-proof mascara conditions as it beautifies. Six lasting shades, plus clear.  Easy to remove. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Liquid Black or Brown Eyeliner"
Formulated for sensitive eyes. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Lip Pencils"
Applies easily to give the lips a perfect shape. Enhances or corrects, Fill in with coordinating lipstick for a polished look. Will not smudge, Long-wearing. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Eye Pencils"
Defines the eye with beautiful, long-lasting color. Will not fade or flake. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Lipsticks"
Luxurious, creamy, moist formula. Rich color with a satin shine that's easy-to-apply. Wide range of shades in both creams and frosts.  Feather-proof, fragrance-free. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Creme Rouge"
Hard-to-find creme rouge and we have it!  Moist, creamy with glide-on application, it seems to glow from inside out and it has all-day staying power. Use it alone or along with powder blush for extra-long wear. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Powder Blushon"
Skin flattering shades of super-fine milled powder blush. Sheer and long-lasting color. Stays fresh and true beyond the limits of most blushers. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Single Eyeshadow Compact"
Over 100 shades of flat, pearl and ultra-pearl eyeshadows. You'll find just the shades you have been searching for. Super-fine milled for ultra-smooth application. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Eyeshadow Pots"

MJ HLC™ - "Lipslicks"

MJ HLC - "Holistic Lavender & Mint Underbase"
Camouflage imperfections with our Mint and Lavender Underbase. Use the Mint Underbase to cancel a ruddy complexion or to cover red marks. Use the Lavender Underbase to perk up a sallow complexion. Enjoy Now!

MJ HLC - "Nail Polish"
Glossy,  long-wearing color that's also Formaldehyde free. Fashionable shades coordinate with lipstick. Enjoy Now!

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