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Rosie Lazzeri


Visionary Art Class With Rosie
The visionary art class is a way in one day to help you find out what needs to leave on the soul level so you can create as you were designed to Be and Do.
Sometimes it is little,
Sometimes it is Big, makes no difference to spirit, but what does make a difference is that you have chosen to put aside the time, money to get to the bottom of why you are not creating.
We were designed to create, not necessarily like others, but rather in our own unique design. So we do it in this way -
1.   We paint three paintings, each one without any conscience control from our little mind, each one very fast.
2.  From our higher mind, we write about the painting so we can understand what was given to us to see.

  1. From our eyes we study what we painted allowing our great 3rd eye to take over.
  2. We share with others in the class, allowing us to further release any pain and blocks.
    It is a very intense day, but wondrous because you really know you got in touch with

creating. You really know you realized something in you that needed to leave or be healed. You really know you are better because you took the class.  I wish you Love, Rosie



During this very special time of Planetary
Transformation, wonderful tools are being given to Humanity which will help us align with the higher realms of Perfection enabling us to heal ourselves and the Sweet Earth.
In this time of awaking, Art has expanded to a much higher octave of service.  It is no longer being used for aesthetic appreciation, but now it is being used as a vehicle to reveal to Humanity the Perfection of Heaven.  We are truly multi-dimensional Beings, and, as we gaze upon the Visionary Art of awakened artists, we will activate within ourselves the memory of our own Divinity and our connection with the Realms of Truth.
The Light of God is pouring into the Earth as never before, and we are receiving unprecedented assistance from the entire Company of Heaven.  When visions of the Devine Intervention occurring now on Earth are available to us, we can energize the activities more easily and greatly enhance their effectiveness.
Each print of visionary Art contains within it the energy, vibration and consciousness of the image shown. When we place the Visionary Art in our homes and workplaces, the Light of the Devine Vision portrayed in the image begins to resonate through the environment, lifting us and blessing all who enter our sphere of influence

-Author Unknown-
As a visionary artist I think, I teach, all these words and accept them totally as my truth.

      I wish you love, Rosie



Rosie Lazzeri

Visionary Artist

Soul Essence Paintings Art Classes

Phone 435-245-7735

Post Office Box 394
Wellsville, UT 84339


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